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Olympic Hot Springs Road

Olympic Hot Springs Road is located in northern region of Olympic National Park and begins just 9 miles south of Port Angeles, off of Olympic Highway, WA 101. The road follows the beautiful Elwha River into the Olympic Mountains. Read More

Why should I drive the Olympic Hot Springs Road?

In July of 2011, Olympic Hot Spring Road closed south of the Altair Campground for 3 years due to flooding caused by the Elwha dam removal. Biologists say that opening the river will return salmon populations to historic numbers in 20-30 years. Some of the affected areas might be noticeable for a few years to come.

  • Campgrounds: Elwha and Altair Campgrounds are located along this road. Both are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Madison Falls: A quick 0.1 mile paved stroll will bring you to the base of a 45' waterfall.
  • Hot Springs: At the end of the road, follow the easy Olympic Hot Springs Trail just 2.5 miles to a couple natural hot springs pools. Bring a suit and towel.

Where does the Olympic Hot Springs Road begin and end?

The road begins just southwest of Port Angeles along the 101. From this turnoff, follow the Elwha River until the road dead ends at the Boulder Creek Trailhead.

How long does the Olympic Hot Springs Road take to drive?

While the road itself is just over 10 miles, it is windy and skinny. We suggest planning on about 45 minutes one way, not including stops.