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Cape Flattery Scenic Byway

With incredible views of sparkling clear water, incredible rock features such as carved cliffs and seastacks, and towering 1,000 year old cedar trees, the Cape Flattery Scenic Byway is one of the most incredible scenic drives in the United States.

  • The Cape Flattery Byway is located at the end of State Route 112 at the most northwest point of the contiguous United States. 
  • The Byway starts at the Makah Cultural and Research Center and travels 36 miles through the Makah Reservation to Shi Shi Beach. 
  • Bring a camera as the beaches, rock formations, and other natural attractions along this drive are stunning.

Why should I drive the Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway?

The Cape Flattery Scenic Byway is an amazing scenic drive along the most Northwest coast of the contiguous United States. The byway stretches through the pristine Makah Reservation and features stunning views over cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Lucky visitors might see bald eagles or a passing whale pod.

Great stops along this drive include the Makah Cultural and Research Center, Shi Shi Beach, the Makah Fishing Village, and the Cape Flattery Lighthouse. Two great stops along Cape Flattery Byway include Cape Flattery Trail and the Shi Shi Beach Trail.

Cape Flattery Trail: The Cape Flattery Trail is a captivating hike along the rocky shore of Cape Flattery. This walk features tidal pools (during the low tide) and views of Tatoosh Island and Cape Flattery Lighthouse.

Shi Shi Beach Trail: Shi Shi Beach Trail is an easy 4 mile long trail. It features on-beach camping, majestic seastacks, caves, and up close views of wildlife, including seals, otters, eagles, and even whales during migration.

Note: visitors must purchase a Makah Recreation Pass before hiking or other recreation activities. Recreation Passes can be bought in Neah Bay at the Big Salmon Fishing Resort, Makah Tribal Council, Makah Marine, the Makah Mini Mart, Raven's Corner, Warm House Cafe, or Washburn's General Store.

Where does the Cape Flattery Byway begin and end?

The Cape Flattery Scenic Byway begins at the end of State Route 112, at the eastern edge of the Makah Cultural and Research Center and ends at Shi Shi Beach.

How long does the Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway take to drive?

The Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway is 36 miles long and takes about an hour to drive.