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Hoh River Road

When you turn off Olympic Highway, US-101, just south of the town of Forks, be prepared to enter into a whole new world. Hoh River Road is the ultimate scenic drive for those wishing to see the Olympic Peninsula's most scenic rainforest. Read More

  • Hoh River Road is a 19 mile long road just off Olympic Highway 101 
  • Hoh River Road leads visitors deep into the beautiful Hoh Rainforest 
  • There is a ranger station and multiple trailheads at the end of this scenic drive.

Why should I drive Hoh River Road?

Want to visit a rainforest, without the having to travel to Mexico or South America? Well, leave you passport at home and hop on Hoh River Road. Hoh River Road travels deep into the lush, moss blanketed Hoh Valley. This stretch of temperate rainforest receives at least 11 feet of rain every year. The summer and early fall are typically the driest seasons. The Hoh River Valley is home to giant trees that are hundreds of years old. At the end of the Hoh River Road are the Hoh Rainforest Ranger Station and the Hoh River Trailhead. Keep your eyes open for wildlife such as bears, raccoons, and Roosevelt Elk. This drive is truly awe inspiring.

Hoh River Trail to Five Mile Island: The Hoh River Trail follows the beautiful, rushing Hoh River. The pure waters of the melting glacier are an amazing crystal blue. There are many great spots along the trail where hikers can sit and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the river. The first 13 miles of this trail are flat and fairly easy. After that the trail heads into the glacial meadows at the base of Mt. Olympus. There are numerous air plants, called epiphytes, living in trees and on the logs of fallen trees, called “nurse logs” along this trail. These unusual plants attach themselves to trees and branches and don’t need soil, but instead suck nutrients from the humid air. Five Mile Island is a beautiful beach with great views of the snowcapped Olympic Mountains and is a great spot to stop for a picnic.

Hall of Moses Trail: The Hall of Mosses Trail is a looped trail that leads hikers through a forest of giant 200 foot tall trees. The moldering logs, walls of deep green ferns, and branches hanging with curtains of moss give the trail has a mysterious and magical feeling. And only 3/4 mile long, the Hall of Moses trail is a great trail for kids and families to enjoy.

Spruce Nature Trail: This 1.25 mile paved loop trail features massive trees, unusual fungi, and stretches of beach along the Hoh River.

Where does the Hoh River Road begin and end?

The Hoh River Road is located off Olympic Highway, WA-101 about ten miles south of the town of Forks. The road ends at the Hoh Ranger Station, where visitors can either park and hike around or turn back around.

How long does Hoh River Road take to drive?

Hoh River Road is approximately 19 miles long from the turn off at Olympic Highway, WA-101 to the Ranger Station. This drive takes approximately an hour and a half to drive roundtrip. There is a parking area near the Ranger Station at the end of the road, so visitors can stop to enjoy the rainforest.