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Obstruction Point Road

Obstruction Point Road is an unpaved 7.6 mile road that takes visitors up to Obstruction Point, Lillian Ridge Trail, and Badger Valley Trail. This road is steep, narrow, and unpaved; it should not be driven by unmanageable vehicles, such as RVs, and should only be driven in good weather. This road is typically closed from October to late April. Call the Olympic National Park Rangers at 360-565-3131 to see if it is open. Read More

  • Obstruction Point Road is a 7.5 mile, uphill, unpaved road near Port Angeles that can be dangerous in poor conditions. 
  • Those willing to make the trip up will be treated to fresh mountain air and spectacular views of the national park below. 
  • Road closes typically between October and April.

Why should I drive the Obstruction Point Road?

Obstruction Point Road is probably one of the scariest roads in the state of Washington. The brave are rewarded though, with lush green fields, alpine trees, a burst of bright wildflowers in the early summer, and a stunning view of the wooded valleys below.

Where does Obstruction Point Road begin and end?

Obstruction Point Road begins just off Heart o’ the Hills Road, near the Hurricane Ridge parking lot. There is a parking lot at the top of Obstruction Point Road.

How long does the Obstruction Point Road take to drive?

Though Obstruction Point Road is only 7.6 miles long, drivers should drive slowly and use extreme caution. The drive can take up to thirty minutes.