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Sol Duc Hot Springs Road

Sol Duc Hot Springs Road is a 12 mile scenic drive through the Sol Duc Valley’s forest of towering evergreen trees. The famous Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, featuring three natural mineral pools, is located along this road. There are some great rainforest trails located along this road including the Mink Lake Trail, the Sol Duc Trail, Sol Duc Falls Trail, and Lover’s Lane Trail.

  • Sol Duc Hot Springs Road is located in the lush Sol Duc Valley, 30 miles west of Port Angeles. 
  • The road is 12 miles long and can be accessed directly from Olympic Highway, WA-101 
  • There are a number of interesting sites along the road including beautiful nature trails, waterfalls, and natural hot springs

Why should I drive the Sol Duc Springs Road?

Sol Duc Hot Springs Road takes visitors deep into the Sol Duc Valley on the east side of the Olympic Peninsula. The road is lined with towering spruce trees, Douglas firs, and big leaf maples. Visitors who take this drive in early autumn months will enjoy an amazing show of color from the changing leaves. Many of the natural treasures of the valley are hidden just off of Sol Duc Hot Springs Road, but views into the lush green forest are not bad either.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort: Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is located directly on Sol Duc Hot Springs Road and features three natural hot mineral pools. Visitors don’t need to be staying at the resort to use the pools, just pay an entrance fee. The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is only open between March and late October. The hot springs are very popular in summer, so visitors should plan to arrive early.

Sol Duc Falls: One of the most famous sights in Olympic National Park, Sol Duc Falls is a series of amazing waterfalls located a short hike from Sol Duc Road. The falls can be accessed from the Sol Duc Trail, which begins at the end of Sol Duc Road. The powerful waterfalls are close enough to the trail that hikers should be willing to get a bit wet.

Sol Duc Trails: There are numerous trailheads located at the end of Sol Duc Road that will lead hikers to some of the most scenic spots in the Sol Duc rainforest. Want to take a long walk on a mossy path along a rushing river? Try the Sol Duc River Trail. If you can only stop and enjoy the lush scenery under the enchanted rainforest canopy for an hour or so, try the Lover’s Lane Loop Trail.

Where does the Sol Duc Hot Springs Road begin and end?

Sol Duc Hot Springs Road begins on Olympic Highway, WA 101, 30 miles west of Port Angeles and ends at the Sol Duc Trail trailhead.

How long does Sol Duc Hot Springs Road take to drive?

Sol Duc road is approximately 12 miles long and takes about fifteen minutes to drive (one way.)

The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is located along this road. On the bright side, this is a great place for visitors to stop and take a dip in the resorts three hot mineral pools. On the other hand, the popularity of the Sol Duc Hot Spring Resort does cause congestion on this road and hikers wishing to enjoy the trails that begin on this road should plan accordingly. Peak summer congestion on this road takes place between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm.