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Port Townsend

The city of Port Townsend is a wonderful place to get away from it all. Port Townsend has maintained many of its historic Victorian buildings and architecture, as well as its small town charm. There are many unique book, antique, and gift shops, as well as cafes and restaurants for visitors to browse and explore. Port Townsend also features a number of historic mansions that have been converted into hotels.

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Why should I visit Port Townsend, WA?

Port Townsend is a mere two hours from Seattle, making it a great place to get away for the weekend. Overlooking the beautiful waters of the Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Port Townsend’s great location on the Olympic Peninsula allows visitors to get in touch with nature during the day and sleep in luxury at night.

Where is Port Townsend, Washington?

Port Townsend is on the northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. Port Townsend lies on the end of State Route 19-20, which can be accessed via the Olympic Highway, WA 101 and State Route 104-Hood Canal Bridge.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Port Townsend offer?

Port Townsend is a city with full amenities and services including grocery stores, gas stations, and medical centers.

What can I do or see in Port Townsend?

  • Fort Worden State Park: Wander the sandy beaches of the Admiralty Inlet or hike the trails to the batteries left behind from WWII. Fort Worden is a fun place to spend a few hours on a picnic or to camp overnight.
  • The Rose Theatre: Originally opened in 1907, the Rose Theatre is treasured not only by Port Townsend residents, but by famous film critics and cinema historians. Critic Leonard Maltin calls the Rose Theatre “(an) absolute gem, I wish this was my neighborhood theatre.” The Rose Theatre is the location of the Port Townsend Film Festival that takes place in late September.
  • Cycling: Port Townsend is an extremely bike friendly community. Visitors explore the city on bike, explore nature on bike trails, or extreme bikers can start their long distance trip along the 126 mile Olympic Discovery Trail to Forks. 
  • Kayaking/boating: With relatively calm waves, sea and distance, paddlers love Port Townsend. With a kayak, one can explore the shores of the Olympic Peninsula, the nearby Hood Canal, and the San Juan Islands.