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Neah Bay

Neah Bay, Washington is a very small community on the very northwest tip of the contiguous United States. Neah Bay features some of the most beautiful, untouched nature in the world. Hikers and boaters come for the dramatic cliffs, driftwood laden shores, and lush plant life.

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Why should I visit Neah Bay?

Neah Bay features spectacular trails and beaches that look onto stunning sea stacks, caves, and arches. The wildlife that can often be seen here include bald eagles, whales, and tidal pool sea life.

Where is Neah Bay, WA?

Located “at the end of the road,” Neah Bay is located on the Northwest tip of the United States. From Port Angeles, take Olympic Highway 101 to WA-113/112. Neah Bay will be at the end of the highway.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Neah Bay offer?

Located on the Makah Reservation, Neah Bay has limited services and amenities. The area features one general store and there are only a few places to lodge, including a beach resort, rental cabins, and B&Bs.

What can I do or see in Neah Bay?

  • Makah Cultural and Research Center: Containing a comprehensive collection of artifacts, including canoes, weaving, baskets, and a replica of a native long house, a visit to the Makah Cultural and Research Center is a great way to understand native culture in the Northwest. Admission to the Makah Cultural and Research Center is $5 and is open daily from 10 am - 5 pm. 
  • Cape Flattery Trail: An easy 30 minute hike, the Cape Flattery Trail takes hikers along a wooden boardwalk, though the misty forest, and along the stunning shores of Neah Bay to see the remote sea stacks, caves, and wild sea life. 
  • Shi Shi Beach/Point of Arches Trail: With a steep 150 foot bluff to navigate, this trail can be a bit challenging. This being said, Shi Shi Beach is often sighted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Northwest. This trail passes over rushing creeks and pristine bogs, under giant trees, and along beautiful cliffs. 
  • Surfing and Kite Surfing: Hobuck Beach in Neah Bay is a surfing and kite-surfing hot spot in the summer. In the winter, surfing moves inside the entrance of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkling: The combination of clear water and a rich diversity of ocean life make Neah Bay a fantastic place for diving beginners, and for experts alike. Keep your eyes open for prehistoric fossils buried in the rocky sediment! 
  • Sport Fishing and Marine Tours: With its deep waters, Neah Bay is secret spot for sport fishermen. With its excellent moorage and access to the straits and ocean without going over a river bar, you can bring your own boat or hire one of Neah Bay’s many certified fishing charters. Neah Bay is home of record breaking salmon. 
  • Kayaking: Kayaking is a great way to explore Neah Bay’s kelp forests, sea caves, sea stacks, and pristine beaches. 
  • Wildlife Watching: Neah Bay is the summer nesting ground for hundreds of species of birds. The bald eagles are so prolific here that the village hosts them a “Welcome Back” party every April when they return to Neah Bay to nest. Another summer visitor is the gray whale; pods often come close to shore in the morning. Walruses, sea otters, and puffins are residents year round.