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Located along the west side of the Hood Canal, the community of Hoodsport, Washington is proud of its local natural treasures and welcomes visitors to enjoy the wonders of the land and water. If you are traveling by car up Olympic Highway, WA-101 to Olympic National Park, Hoodsport is a great place to stop for a bit of rest and relaxation. Read More

Why should I visit Hoodsport, WA?

If you like enjoying the wonders of the outdoors, but also enjoy the comforts of civilization, Hoodsport is the spot for you. Hoodsport is a famous spot for divers, kayaks, fisherman, and hikers, all within a short distance of great resorts, hotels, inns, and B&B’s.

Where is Hoodsport?

Hoodsport, Washington is roughly 40 minutes north of Olympia, Washington on the Olympic Highway, WA-101. From the north, Hoodsport is one hour and twenty minutes south of the town of Port Townsend.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Hoodsport offer?

Hoodsport has a variety of places to spend the night, including short stay cabins, motels, luxury golf resorts, inns on the water, and RV resorts. Hoodsport is a small community, but offers most necessities you might need; from beauty shops to a dentist, from the hardware store to the coffee shop, Hoodsport will have it.

What can I do or see in Hoodsport?

Enjoy the Hood Canal
The Hood Canal is a fantastic place to waterski, kayak, and fish. Bring your own equipment, or stop by local rental shops.

Sund Rock Marine Preserve
Sund Rock Marine Preserve is a favorite diving spot among Washington divers. Featuring two dive walls and two sunken boats, Sund Rock allows divers to get up close with various marine life, including the Wolf Eel and the Giant Pacific Octopus. 

  • Location: 24080 North Hwy 101, Hoodsport, WA. The Sund Rock Marine Preserve is located on the Olympic Highway, WA 101 on the waters of the Hood Canal. It is located just south of Pier 101. Turn into Skipper John’s Seafood. 
  • Phone: (360) 877-6818 
  • Tip: To get easy access into the water, you can pay a small fee to the Hood Sport ’N Dive shop for beach access. These fees cover parking and all day diving, including night dives. 

Upper Lake Lena Hiking Trail
Moderate to expert hikers will enjoy a little piece of heaven when on the 7 mile hike to Upper Lake Lena. Located in a lovely alpine meadow, Lake Lena features peaceful crystal clear waters that reflect the majestic Mount Lena and Mount Bretherton. 

  • Location: From Hoodsport travel US 101 north for 14 miles. At milepost 318 turn left (west) onto Hamma Hamma River Road/Forest Road 25. Continue for 7.5 paved miles to the trail head. 
  • Season/Hours: Open year round, but prime hiking season is May-August 
  • Phone: (360) 565-3100 (Olympic National Park Rangers) 
  • Tip: Beware, there is one creek to cross and often water on this trail. Plan to wear your grubby shoes.

Hoodsport Winery
Hoodsport Winery features tours, a gift shop, and a tasting room where visitors can sample the locally grown fruit flavored wines. The first three samples are free! 

  • Location: 23501 N Olympic Highway, WA-101, Hoodsport, WA 98548. The Hoodsport Winery is on the Olympic Highway, WA 101, one mile south of the town of Hoodsport. 
  • Season/Hours: Wine tastings are offered year round and hours vary by season. To check on current hours, please call (360) 877-9508. 
  • Phone: (360) 360-877-9508 
  • Tip: Hoodsport Winery is a supporter of the Orca Network, an organization that promotes awareness and protection for the local Orca whale population living in waters of Washington state. Purchasing a bottle of wine from the “Orca” collection is a delicious way to help save these beautiful creatures.