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Pacific Beach

Called “Washington’s Best Kept Secret,” vacationing in remote Pacific Beach is like having your own private beach. Featuring pure air, clean beaches, sparkling waters, and untamed wildlife, Pacific Beach is one of the most peaceful spots in the Pacific Northwest. Read More

Why should I visit Pacific Beach?

Pacific Beach, Washington has rare pristine beaches and a small town sensibility. Looking for a peaceful vacation away from it all? This is your spot.

Where is Pacific Beach, WA?

Pacific Beach is located on the Olympic Peninsula, along the Pacific Ocean. The community can be reached by exiting Olympic Highway, WA-101 at State Route 109.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Pacific Beach offer?

Pacific Beach is a small, secluded community. There are a number of charming B&B’s and no major hotel chains. There are a few “mom and pop” antique stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.

What can I do or see in Pacific Beach?

  • Beachcombing: Pacific Beach’s isolated location makes it prime seashell collecting real estate. The beaches are impeccably clean and the waters are crystal clear.
  • Razor Clamming: The combination of tall cliffs and high tides makes Pacific Beach, Washington a razor clam hot spot. So grab your clam shovel and check out Washington Fish and Wildlife’s website to check on razor clam seasons and regulations:
  • Surf Kayaking: Pacific Beach has even, easy waves making it a great spot for surf kayaking. Grab your kayak and get ready to “hang ten!”