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Merriman Falls

Situated in the Lake Quinault area, stunning Merriman Falls is the easiest of all the Olympic Peninsula falls to admire, conveniently visible from the main road that takes visitors to the lake.

  • A highlight of the Lake Quinault region, Merriman Falls is a 40 foot horsetail fall that offers a prime example of the splendor present in Olympic National Park.
  • A visit is easy as the falls are visible from the main road that leads to the lake.

What can I see and do at Merriman Falls? 

Scenic Views: One of several beautiful falls in Olympic National Park, Merriman Falls is just another reason to make a visit to the Lake Quinault area. The best thing? All you have to do is stay on the entrance road into Quinault and you’ll find the falls. No hiking!

Similar to many of the other falls in the area, this one is of the horsetail variety. It measures about 40 feet tall and as it comes down the mountain it hits rocks and logs, which cause it to splay out and become wider, eventually flowing under the road towards the Quinault River.

The best reason to stop? To take some photographs! These are really picturesque falls and because they are so easy to get to, photo taking is simple as well. The only hitch is the fact that this is a rainy area and sun isn’t abundant, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have any sunlight during your picture taking.

The best time to visit the falls and see them at their best is during the winter and spring. In the summer and fall, the small catchment basin lessens the stature of the falls.

Where is Merriman Falls?

Take Highway 101 to the entrance to Lake Quinault. Follow the South Shore Road to just beyond the Gatton Creek Campground. Look for the turnout next to the bridge that spans Merriman Creek. You can’t miss them!