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Bogachiel River

With its headwaters high in the Olympic Wilderness, the Bogachiel River flows west through the National Park for 50 miles, joining numerous other rivers and providing a place for great fishing and other recreation. Read More

  • The Bogachiel River is considered one of the best steelhead fishing rivers in the country.
  • Anglers will be thrilled with their catch, which often includes steelhead that weigh more than 20 pounds.
  • Avid hikers will also enjoy a chance to amble along the river through the rain forests of the National Park, experiencing stunning views and plenty of peace and quiet.

What can I see and do at the Bogachiel River? 

The Bogachiel is considered one of the best fishing rivers on the Olympic Peninsula. Because it is not glacier-fed, like many of the other rivers within the park, it does not overflow from snow melt in spring and summer and provides a longer and better fishing season. The river is especially known for its large run of steelhead trout, especially in the upper reaches of the river during December and January. Check out the area by the hatchery for the best Bogachiel River fishing available. In the winter months, it’s not unusual for these steelhead to exceed 20-30 pounds! Chinook and Coho salmon can also be caught in the fall. Many outfitters offer charter fishing excursions year round. 

A lovely hike that provides plenty of solitude, the Bogachiel River Trail begins near Bogachiel State Park and follows the river as it meanders through picturesque rain forest. A route best suited to hikers with some experience, it takes several days to hike the entire trail, which is rough in several spots and often plagued with washouts, though it’s mostly flat. After two miles, the trail enters the National Park, so no dogs are allowed beyond that point. There are shelters at 10, 14.5, 17.6, and 20.8 miles. At 22.5 miles it connects with Mink Lake and Deer Lake Trails into the Sol Duc Valley.

Where is the Bogachiel River?

The river largely runs through Olympic National Park. The best place to fish for winter steelhead on the “Bogey” is in the four-mile area between the Wilson Access, just off La Push Road, to the boat launch at the rearing ponds. Those fishing from the banks of the river will find that their best bet is from the rearing ponds to the mouth of the Calawah River below. Boat ramps and bank fishing are also available at the Bogachiel State Park.

If you wish to access the Bogachiel River Trail, travel about 5 miles south of Forks on Highway 101. Turn left on Undie Road, across from the entrance to the state park. Travel 5.6 miles to the trailhead.