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Madison Falls

One of the easiest to reach waterfalls in Olympic National Park, Madison Falls (a.k.a. Madison Creek Falls) measures about 100 feet tall and is a perfect spot for photo taking or just enjoying the scenery.

  • One of the most picturesque and most easily accessible waterfalls in Olympic National Park, Madison Falls is a horsetail-shaped falls that sits in the Elwha River corridor, providing excellent photo opportunities year round. No strenuous hiking is required to reach this destination.

What can I see and do at Madison Falls? 

Scenic views: The primary reason to visit the Madison Falls in the Elwha River corridor is simply to enjoy its beauty. Of all the falls in Olympic National Park, it is undoubtedly the easiest to reach and is even accessible to those using a wheelchair.

The trek to this horsetail-shaped falls is a total of about 200 feet via a paved trail. Once you reach it, you’ll notice that it looks much shorter than the published height of 100 feet. That’s because the top 50 feet or so is not visible from the viewing area and is inaccessible.

Madison Falls can be viewed year round, but photographers say that the best time to photograph it is in the late spring or summer when it is surrounded by lots of greenery.

Where is Madison Falls?

Take U.S. Highway 101 to the Elwha Valley Road (just west of Port Angeles). Follow that road for two miles to the National Park entrance station. After entering the park, go left to the parking lot and look for the sign for the falls.