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Marymere Falls

Easily accessible from Lake Crescent, Marymere Falls is one of many picturesque waterfalls in Olympic National Park. Photographers love snapping pictures of it!

  • Ninety-foot-tall Marymere Falls WA is a beautiful sight to behold as waters plunge from Falls Creek down a steep cliff, landing in a plunge pool below.
  • A must-do for avid photographers, Marymere is easy to reach from the Highway 101 and is close to beautiful Lake Crescent.

What can I see and do at Marymere Falls? 

Scenic views: The main reason to head to Marymere Falls is to enjoy its beauty. Plunging about 90 feet down a cliff, the waters of Falls Creek form these lovely falls, which are of the horsetail variety.

The intensity of the falls depends on the season but they are lovely to look at all year long. At high flow, however, the falls are at their best, flowing quickly and spreading out as they hit a rock about halfway down, eventually winding up in a small plunge pool close to the .8 trail that leads there from Storm King Visitor Center at Lake Crescent.

The hike to Marymere Falls isn’t very difficult though it does demand climbing some uneven terrain and going up and down some natural steps, especially towards the end. It is not handicapped accessible nor can you traverse it with a stroller in tow. Small children will need to be carried.

Be careful, however, if you’re walking in the rain because the rocks get very slippery. Be sure to bring your camera with you as these falls are quite photogenic, especially in the sprint and summer when everything around them is so lush.

Where is Marymere Falls?

Marymere is close to Highway 101, about 22 miles west of Port Angeles. Take the highway to the turn-off for Lake Crescent. Once you enter the lake area, follow the signs for the Storm King Visitor Center. The trail to Marymere Falls is clearly marked by signs.