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Quinault Rainforest

Located in the valley formed by Lake Quinault and the Quinault River, the temperate Quinault Rainforest –which receives 12 feet of rain each year – is a fascinating place to explore, home to giant trees and all sorts of interesting flora and fauna.

  • Take a short or long hike through this temperate rainforest 
  • Drive the 31-mile loop that circles the rainforest 
  • Go camping in a beautiful rainforest setting 
  • Take a guided birding, wildlife, or photography tour

What can I see and do at the Quinault Rainforest? 

  • Hiking: Several trails of different lengths allow you to explore the scenery of the Quinault Rainforest. For short walks, check out the Maple Glade Rain Forest Trail, a .5-mile loop, or the 1.3-mile Kestner Homestead Trail. Looking for something longer? Check out the Fletcher Canyon Trail or the more strenuous Colonel Bob Trail. 
  • Guided excursions: Rainforest experts offer guided expeditions and wildlife photo trips that allow you to view native fauna like Roosevelt Elk, deer, and bald eagles. Visitors also learn how to take memorable rainforest snapshots to share with friends and family. 
  • Scenic Drive: The 31-mile Quinault Rain Forest Loop Drive that goes around the lake follows the Quinault River into the national park and back in the other direction. It’s possible to stop at several points along the way to explore the forest scenery. 
  • Camping: There are several campgrounds located in this lovely rainforest setting including privately owned establishments as well as those run by the U.S. Forest Service. Plan ahead during the warmer summer months by making reservations.

Where is the Quinault Rainforest?

The Quinault Rainforest is in the southwestern portion of Olympic National Park. From Port Angeles, travel west on Highway 101 for approximately 120 miles (about 3 hours). Turn left on Northshore Road and follow the signs to the lake and rainforest.

How much does Quinault Rainforest cost?

Hiking the trails or driving the scenic loop is free. Guided excursions vary in price.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

For more information, contact the Quinault Ranger Station at 360-288-2444.