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Twilight Series

Whether you are a Twi-hard, a parent of a Twi-hard, or think Twilight is simply a time of day, you are in for a fantastical treat in Forks, Washington. Read More

What is Twilight?

Twilight is the first of a four part teen romance book series by Stephanie Meyer. It is the story of forbidden love between a mortal teenager and a vampire, who is stuck in the body of a sixteen year old. A cultural phenomenon, the series has sold hundreds of millions of copies and has sprung off a series of popular films based on the series.

What does Twilight have to do with Olympic National Park?

The series takes place in nearby Forks and La Push. The town of Forks has accepted the curious sightseers and has created a tour of locations sited in the books. If you are interested in experiencing Twilightmania in Forks, stop by the Forks Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center, which is not only the starting spot of the tour, but has a Twilight Museum. The Visitor’s Center is just off Olympic Highway 101. Those knowledgeable of the Twilight series will notice Bella’s red truck out front.