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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, Washington is the tallest mountain in western Washington. Tall and majestic, Mt Olympus has one of the most difficult summits in the United States and should only be attempted by trained climbers with guides. There are multiple iced stretches, including Glacier Meadows and Blue Glacier, so remember your ice axe. If you are not a member of this extreme population, you can view the majestic peaks for anywhere else in the park.

  • Mount Olympus is the tallest mountain in western Washington
  • It should only be climbed by experienced climbers 
  • Passes for entrance and back country camping can be bought at Ranger Stations

How tall is Mount Olympus?

West Peak, the highest peak of Mount Olympus is 7,965 feet high (2427 meters.) The other two major peaks are Middle Peak (7,930 ft.) and East Peak (7,780 ft.)

What can I see and do at Mount Olympus?

Extreme Climbing: Making it to the top of Mount Olympus is a point of pride for experienced climbers. The typical trailhead that Mount Olympus climbers use is the Hoh River Trail. Because of extreme weather, this climb is only open between late spring and late summer

Where is Mount Olympus?

Mount Olympus is in the center of Olympic National Park. It can be reached via the Hoh River Trail, which is located 20 miles southwest of Forks, Washington.

The trail can be reached from the Olympic Highway, WA-101: 

  • Exit Oil City Road 
  • Take the first right onto Cougar Glen Road

What is the distance from the Hoh Trailhead to the peak?

The entire distance is approximately 20 miles.

How many days should I plan on spending climbing Mount Olympus?

Plan to spend at least three days climbing Mount Olympus.

What is Mount Olymus’ Access Rating?

Mount Olympus has a Level 1 Access Rating.

When is Mount Olympus open?

Mount Olympus is only open for climbers between late spring and early fall. Check the Olympic National Park website to see current trail conditions:

Who can I call if I have more questions?

(360) 565-3130 (Olympic National Park)