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Shipwreck Point Beach

Shipwreck Point is a State Natural Resource Conservation Area on the north shore of the Olympic Peninsula. Shipwreck Point gives visitors access to a well preserved natural seascape including sublime wave carved seastacks, 3 miles of preserved beach, and old growth coastal forest. Shipwreck Beach Point is less widely known than many of the Pacific coast beaches within Olympic National Park; this is a great spot to enjoy seastacks, but without the summer weekend crowds. Read More

  • Yellowstone Lake is on the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway, WA-112 in the northwest Olympic Peninsula. 
  • Explore the preserved old growth coastal forest and 3 miles of rocky shore featuring unique and beautiful seastacks 
  • Shipwreck Point is not part of Olympic National Park; visitors DO NOT need to purchase an Olympic National Park Visitors Pass to visit this beach.

What can I see and do at Shipwreck Point Beach? 

  • Hike the Forest: To the north of the byway, hikers can enjoy 472-acres of old growth Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, and western red cedar. This is one of the largest regions of original forest spared from removal in the logging days of the early 20th Century. 
  • Explore the rocky beach: Shipwreck Point has three miles of beach and tidelands for nature lovers to enjoy. This stretch of beach features miles of interesting sea stacks, seashells, craggy coves, and tidepools. 
  • Wildlife: The waters near Shipwreck Point at filled with nutrients making the beach a great spot to see wildlife. Common wildlife that can be seen from the beach year round include otters, seals, and deer. Bald eagles inhabit the trees in late spring and during the summer and can often be seen fishing during the early mornings and late afternoons. Orca and Gray Whales are occasionally seen from Shipwreck Point during their respective migrations.
  • Fishing: Shipwreck Point is a great spot for salmon fishing.

Where is Shipwreck Point Beach?

Shipwreck Point Beach is located on the northern shore of the Olympic Peninsula, on the Salish Sea. Exit Olympic Highway, WA-101 onto WA-112. Follow WA-112 northwest 26 miles.

When is Shipwrech Point Beach open?

Shipwreck Point Beach is open between sunrise and sunset.

How much does visiting Shipwreck Point Beach cost?

It is free to visit Shipwreck Point Beach; as it is not part of Olympic National Park, visitors do not need an Olympic National Park entrance pass to visit this beach.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Clallam County Parks and Recreation Department: 360-417-2291