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La Push Beaches

The remote community of La Push is home to large stretches of pristine, scenic beaches on the Pacific Ocean. The beaches are numbered from North to South (First Beach is closest to the parking lot in the north while Third Beach is the furthest south) and are divided by beautiful cliffs. Visitors may enjoy looking at the unique seashells and giant pieces of diftwood on the beach, or they may enjoy exploring the fantastic seastacks and islands that lie just off the shore by kayak.

  • There are three beaches on the La Push shoreline. 
  • Explore the beach, or enjoy the surf via surfboard or kayak. 
  • La Push is rich in wildlife including seals, otter, sea lions. It is a great place to spot whales during migration seasons. Bald eagles often spend the summer here.

What can I see and do at the La Push Beach? 

  • Third Beach Trail: Hike an easy 1.5 miles through a lush coastal hemlock and spruce forest and over a bluff to Strawberry Bay. This bay is a scenic sandy beach flanked with towering bluffs and seastacks. Strawberry Bay even features a tall waterfall that empties into the ocean. The Third Beach Trailhead is located on the La Push Road, 12 miles west of Olympic Highway, WA-101. 
  • Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Kayak Surfing: Located in a naturally protected cape, surfers and kayakers can enjoy large swells in relative safety. Surfers should note that the water here is always very cold and should plan to wear full body suits year round. 
  • Wildlife: Playful sea otters, seals, and sea lions are often seen on the beaches and sea stacks of La Push. Bald Eagles often nest in La Push in the summer. The best time to spot an eagle is around 6 pm when eagles swoop and dive into the ocean for their tasty fish dinner. 
  • TEAM JACOB UNITE! (ie Twilight Tourism): La Push is one of the settings in the Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyer. No matter if fans are Team Jacob or Team Edward, a visit to La Push can be a real thrill. 
  • Special Note: La Push is a sacred place for the Quileute tribe. The tribe welcomes visitors to La Push, but requests that visitors respect their culture and traditions. Please review the Quileute etiquette requests:

Where are the La Push beaches?

The beaches of La Push are located on the southwest region of Olympic Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean, approximately 15 miles west of the town of Forks.

  • From downtown Forks, WA: 
    Dive north one mile north on Olympic Highway, WA-101 
    Turn a left on La Push Road - State Route 110, heading west 
    Follow La Push Road 5.2 miles and keep a keen eye for parking lot signs

When is La Push beach open to visitors?

All three La Push beaches are open year round.

How much does visiting La Push beach cost?

Visitors need to purchase a $15.00 Olympic National Park Entrance Pass before arriving at La Push.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

Olympic National Park Visitor Center: (360) 565-3130